Formerly known as benchwarmers

What's a Walk-on?

A walk-on is someone who joins a team during the week of Camp 75. Like a walk-on to a college sports team, they missed some of the initial elements of Camp 75, but they are still fully a part of the team. Walk-ons will be going to camps, community engagement opportunities, and leading in a variety of ways. That being said, each year this is based on capacity and the number of students who come to Bootcamp, so we will release more information around Walk-ons as the summer continues.

We have a limited number of spots available for Walk-ons. 

The Details
Getting Placed on a Team

1. If you are registering to walk-on with a specific team, that team's captain must first verify that they have available seat belts in order to be their walk-on. If there are no available seat belts the week of Camp 75, you will be placed with another team. 

2. If you are not registering for a specific team, you will be placed with a team on your first day. If the registration link is still on the website, then there is still room for you.


First Day: $25

Every additional day: $10

1 Day: $25

2 Days: $35

3 Days: $45

4 Days: $55

What times are available?

You can be a walk-on in the morning, evening, or all day. You can attend all week, or just one day.


8:30 - 11:30am


4:15 - 10:00pm


Both of the above

Already registered? Here's a pre Camp 75 checklist!

We will provide breakfast and dinner each day of Camp 75. Snacks will also be provided in the evening, but you will be responsible for taking care of your own lunch.

A menu will be available here soon.



8:30 - 11:30AM


11:30 - 4:15PM


4:15 - 10:00PM

A breakdown of the schedule will be available here soon.

What to Bring Each Day
  • Water Bottle

  • Sunscreen

  • Hat

  • Sunglasses

  • Shoes to move in

  • Towel for Wednesday

  • A bag of hard candy (one for the week)

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