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Camp 75 Internship

To inspire people to follow Jesus through the organization and execution of Camp 75

What is the Camp 75 Internship?

The Camp 75 internship is a 21-week, full-time internship with the mission of inspiring people to follow Jesus through the organization and execution of Camp 75. The internship is composed of 5 different teams preparing for and leading three camps throughout May, June, and July for upwards of 400 students and 4,000 total people. 

What does College Crew

As a part of the Camp 75 Leadership team, you'll have the privilege of seeing God work in stories just like Hannah's.

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This is a paid internship and compensation will be discussed in your interview. We follow a tiered payment system that increases the longer that a team member is a part of the Camp 75 Internship Team.

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  • Internship Retreat: Beginning of March

  • Weekly Intern Calls: January - May

  • Start of Internship: Early - mid May depending on semester schedules

  • Captains Camp: May 17 - 19th

  • Bootcamp: June 12-15th 

  • Camp 75: July 8 - 11th

  • Last Day of Internship: Wed, July 17th

Full-time hours (Mon - Fri) start in May.

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Internship Teams

Our leadership team is comprised of 5 different areas of ownership:

"What makes someone a great Camp 75 Intern?"
  • Someone who's fun to be around

  • Someone who asks "How can I help" a lot

  • Someone who can operate on minimal sleep

  • Someone who's willing to get out of their comfort zone

  • Someone who's accepting and open-minded

  • Someone who has tremendous perseverance and grit

  • Someone who's a great problem solver & creative thinker

  • Someone who pursues the one 

  • Someone who get's their stuff done

  • Someone who's pursuing a relationship with Christ

Sound like you? Fill out the application! 

Here's the process for the internship.
Fill Out an Application

Our application will be available from Monday, September 4th - Monday, September 18th. After the 18th, no internship applications will be accepted. 


We have multiple rounds of interviews including both 1-on-1 and 2-on-1 interviews with our Directors, as well as panel interviews with multiple members of our staff and Leadership Team. 

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Next Steps

We will make internship decisions by Sunday, October 29th (though subject to change based on interview availability). From this point, we'll decide if the internship, College Crew, or another role is the best fit for you this summer. 

Please note if you are accepted to the Camp 75 Internship, you will be required to be a part of the MyLife (Jan 12-14th) or W3 (Feb 16-18th) College Crew as well.

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