Community Engagement

Serving nonprofits and those in need in our city in 75 minute segments the week of July 12th - 15th

What is Community Engagement?

We started Camp 75 eleven years ago with teams of middle school and high school students putting on 75 minutes camps for kids all around our community. While those camps are still a significant part of what we do, we’ve expanded our vision to love and serve our community in as many ways as possible. Today, we partner with volunteer coordinators and staff members at nonprofit organizations, children's homes, senior centers, homeless shelters, and more to love our city however we can.

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Our Teams

Our teams are made up of 6-7 middle school and high school students, ranging from ages 12-18. We can send just 1 team, or as many as needed to make this event possible.

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July 12th - July 15th

  • Camp Times

    • 10:00 - 11:15am

    • 5:45 - 7:00pm

    • 7:30 - 8:45pm

What We Do
  • Coordinate those serving opportunities with the teams and your organization

  • Send out all necessary information to students and parents ahead of time (including liability release)

  • Find ways to serve in new and unique ways

  • Have a TON of fun while we're doing it!


We want our students to dream of how they can make an impact in our city, and serving with your organization is a huge part of that.

Some of the Organizations We've Partnered With
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Community Engagement

Does the timeslot have to be during one of those 3 time slots?

Because we're coordinating over 40 teams with roughly 300 students or so, we are locked into those 3 time slots. There may be slight flexibility, but we need to keep it in those parameters generally.

Will the students have an adult sponsor?

Every team will have at least one adult driver, and at times more will be present. If you have a specific student to adult ratio, we can work this out ahead of time.

Will students parents be present during the event?

No, students parents will not be there during the serving time.

Can you get extra permission forms & waivers signed ahead of time?

While we already have our own liability and media release forms signed, we can distribute a liability release for your organization either in paper or electronically ahead of time as well.