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Community Engagement

Serving nonprofits and those in need in our city in 75 minute segments the week of July 12th - 15th

What is Community Engagement?

We started Camp 75 eleven years ago with teams of middle school and high school students putting on 75 minutes camps for kids all around our community. While those camps are still a significant part of what we do, we’ve expanded our vision to love and serve our community in as many ways as possible. Today, we partner with volunteer coordinators and staff members at nonprofit organizations, children's homes, senior centers, homeless shelters, and more to love our city however we can.

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Our Teams

Our teams are made up of 6-7 middle school and high school students, ranging from ages 12-18. We can send just 1 team, or as many as needed to make this event possible.

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July 12th - July 15th

  • Camp Times

    • 10:00 - 11:15am

    • 5:45 - 7:00pm

    • 7:30 - 8:45pm

What We Do
  • Coordinate those serving opportunities with the teams and your organization

  • Send out all necessary information to students and parents ahead of time (including liability release)

  • Find ways to serve in new and unique ways

  • Have a TON of fun while we're doing it!


We want our students to dream of how they can make an impact in our city, and serving with your organization is a huge part of that.

Some of the Organizations We've Partnered With
You've got questions.
We've got answers.
  • Will I get to be with my friend's team who invited me?
    Maybe! Where you get placed depends on when & where we have seat belts available. We’ll get you placed once you show up.
  • When do I find out my team, and captain?"
    No. Camp 75 is a local camp which means that you sleep at your own home! You will come to Northpoint each morning, leave at 11:30, and come back at 5. Then you will eat dinner, and get ready for your two evening camps!
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