Love big. Dream big. That’s always been the heart behind Camp 75. As the world changes, how we love and what we dream about will also change. But we will continue to love, and we will continue to dream because that’s what we do best. So this summer, for the first time in a long time, let’s come together.

Camp 75 Nights

We have temporarily paused Camp 75 Nights registration due to COVID-19 increases. We are deciding on the best path forward and will send an update by the end of day Sunday, July 12th.


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July 20th - July 23rd

7:00 - 10:00PM


Incoming 7th graders through graduated seniors.


A 4-night student experience at Northpoint made up of the best of night sessions, the thrill of theme nights, and the connection of small groups all in four nights right here in Cedar Park.


Northpoint Church

1320 Arrow Point Dr.

Cedar Park, TX 78613

More Frequently Asked Questions

What does my registration cost cover?

A simple breakdown of the registration cost is $15 for a t-shirt, and then $15 for each night of the event. Overhead event costs aren't directly correlated by night however, and include, but aren't limited to: - Band - Outdoor activities / rentals - Drinks / snacks - Intern staffing - Volunteer appreciation

Will there be financial assistance offered?

We would love to offer financial assistance, however, our available funds will be dependent on what is donated or fundraised from other student registrations or outside investors. Currently, we do not have any funds available to assist financially, but we are working hard to get those funds in place. If we do have funds available, we will release them on an as-needed and availability basis.

What do I need to bring?

We will have themes that will be communicated closer to the event that you will want to dress up for. However there are no other big additional items required.

What if I can’t go all four nights?

We are not currently allowing for individual nights of registration or discounted registration if you cannot attend all 4 nights. We have a cap on the number of students that can come due to our facility, so we are prioritizing registration for students that can attend all 4 nights. If that changes closer to the event, this will be reflected here.

Will there be a serving component to these nights?

While it would be difficult to go out in to the community to work with nonprofits or families, we are working with various organizations to organize multiple food, clothing, and supply drives for Camp 75 to donate to and support those in need right now.

Will dinner be provided?

Because this is a local experience and due to added health and safety protocols, we will not provide dinner for students. However, while it's difficult to serve dinner in safe ways to a large number of students, we will be able to provide drinks and snacks in individually packaged ways that eliminate sharing the same serving utensils, grabbing pizzas, etc.

Health & Safety Protocols

  • The first, and not to be overlooked decision, was the decision to postpone an overnight retreat this summer. While we wanted to have an overnight experience, there were too many variables to maintain high-quality health standards during an overnight camp, so we chose to do a local event instead.

  • 100% Health-Related Refunds - We will be offering 100% health-related refunds during the camp process. If at any point in the 14-day period leading up to or during Camp 75 Nights your student begins experiencing COVID-19 related symptoms, please do not attend. We will fully refund the registration cost to prioritize your student's and others' health and safety.

  • Food will not be provided in mass as in past Bootcamps and Camp 75. We will provide snacks and drinks in individually wrapped or served ways. You can read more in the FAQs below on food & drinks as well as what your registration fee covers.

  • We will have our janitorial service clean and sanitize the facility each day after Camp 75 Nights to provide a clean, new environment before each evening. In addition to the facility being clean and sanitized, we will also have hand sanitizing stations throughout the facility for students and staff. 

  • We will have a nurse on-site at all times during camp to provide immediate care or screening. If your student is showing COVID-19 related symptoms, we ask that you pick them up from camp immediately and subsequently have them tested for COVID-19 so that we can communicate effectively with other students and parents.​​ 

  • During small group times, we will be providing small group leaders with digital resources rather than paper to limit the sharing of materials. 

Your son or daughter's health and safety are a top priority for us. We have taken all of the suggested protocols for Youth day camps and churches into account and have a set of systems that we are implementing to create the safest possible environment we can while still meeting together. In light of that, we want to be upfront and transparent with you about the decisions we've made and systems we're implementing.