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Support me in going to Bootcamp & Camp 75!

Vincent Hernandez
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Hey everyone!

I’m reaching out in hopes that you will join in support for my summer experience this year!

This summer, I have the opportunity to take part in Camp 75. This camp will help me grow my leadership and team building skills. Most importantly, it allows me to serve my community in a very big way.

Northpoint has been using Camp 75 to impact and change the surrounding community by giving students like me the opportunity to love and serve children and families in our area. We, the students, will share stories, the gospel and play games with children who may have never heard about faith at all..

Northpoint goes above and beyond to partner with families during Camp 75. We will also partner with organizations in and around the Austin area to help us better connect with our surrounding community. This will include non-profits, serving centers, shelters, day-cares, retirement homes and more.

Not only will Camp 75 impact the community, but it will also have a great impact on me and my friends. We will attend a week long training, Bootcamp, to prepare for Camp 75. During this week, I will get to explore and grow in my personal faith. I will also get the opportunity to help other people develop in a faith of their own.

Camp 75 will allow me to grow in many areas, including leadership, faith, serving, and more. Camp 75 will impact and change the community around me for the better.

The first thing way that you can help us is by praying for our summer, for our impact and for my personal journey with God. Camp 75 is only possible by inviting God into everything that we do. Secondly, if you would like to help financially with a tax-deductible donation, click the Give Now button below to contribute directly to my summer experience.

Let’s partner together to make a spectacular summer experience possible not just for me, but also for the community.

Thank you for giving me the time!

How to help?

Click the link below, and just be sure to write my name in this box on the form.

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