Be a Host Home

Host a 75 minute camp in your front or back yard

What is a Host Home?

Being a Host Home is a simple, yet extremely important part of the Camp 75 experience! As a Host Home, we ask that you host a Camp 75 camp in your front or back yard for the 4 days of Camp 75 (July 12th-July15th), invite neighbors and friends to attend (with invite tools we will provide), attend one of the trainings and provide a small snack for the students and kiddos at your camp each day. There are 3 different time slots to choose from: 10:00 - 11:15 am, 5:45 - 7:00 pm, or 7:30 - 8:45 pm.

Already registered? Here's a pre Camp 75 checklist!

Your number one priority as a Host Home is to invite friends, neighbors, and everyone in between with kids to come to your camp. Here's a few invite tools to print, use on social media, or even email. You'll can hard copy invites when you attend the Host Home training.

General Invites
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10:00 AM Invites
5:45 PM Invites
7:30 PM Invites
Attend a Training

2021 Trainings will be listed here when they're available.

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Other Details & Resouces
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Best Practices & Tips

Here's a comprehensive list of best practices and tips to hosting Camp 75 both leading up to, and the week of Camp 75

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Final Checklist

Here's a helpful day-of checklist for host homes to make sure you're ready to go each day for camp.

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Attendance Sheet

This is an extra attendance sheet in case you misplace the one from your folder.

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Frequently asked questions

Host Home

Is training required for hosting if I have hosted in the past?

Yes! At Northpoint we are growing as a church and as a result some things are changing and we want to make sure your camp is a success. Training will get everyone on the same page and allow you to share your past feedback.

Do I have to be home during the time of my camp?

Yes! As a host you will not only be responsible for allowing your house to be used during the camp time, but as things come up like snack, bathroom breaks or emergencies you will be the primary go to person.

What happens if my student has to miss part of Bootcamp or Camp 75?

While we encourage that students are there for all of Bootcamp and Camp 75, we understand that sometimes there are conflicts. Please email us at so we can work with your student and their individual circumstance.

When or how do I get my host home materials?

Training is the perfect time for you to receive your supplies (signs, invitations, etc).

How much time does it take to host?

The camp itself is only 75 minutes. You’ll probably want to be prepared about 10-15 minutes before the camp, and available to hang on the back end as well. Beyond that, just use the time you have to invite like crazy leading up to the event!

Is there any cost associated?

As a host you are expected to provide snack and drinks for those attending your camps including the students. On Wednesday, we have "Wet and Wild Wednesday," so we do ask that you have access to a hose and water source. The students leading your camp will have supplies needed for the games they will be playing, however, if you are able to provide something for water fights that is always a huge fun factor (i.e.water balloons, squirt guns, cups, plastic sponges etc…)

Do I have to attend Northpoint in order to host?

No! We are happy to have hosts that don’t attend Northpoint, we do however ask you to attend one of our trainings.

Can I host at an apartment?

Yes! If you have an outdoor space for the camp and the apartment staff approves, then you can absolutely host at an apartment. We have many apartment hosts each year.

Can it be in the front yard or back yard?

It’s up to you, but we encourage hosts to hold camp in their front yard so your neighbors can see all the fun going on and to encourage more people to come, but if you feel like your backyard is a better environment for the kids and students we will leave that up to you.

Have more questions?

Email us at! We'd love to answer any questions you may have.


My car only has 4 seatbelts in addition to the driver. Can I still drive for Camp 75?

Yes. Please still sign up if you want to drive. If you can borrow a bigger car, that would be ideal.

Do I have to drive all 4 days of Camp 75 or can I just drive 1 or 2 days?

Camp 75 drivers need to commit to drive Monday-Thursday for either morning camps, evening camps, or both. There are no camps between the hours of 12 and 5:00pm. You will be off during that time.

Is there any cost associated with driving?

There is not a registration fee to drive for Camp 75. Other than gas in your car, it is nice to have a cooler with some drinks and snacks for the students you are driving. This is not a requirement, but fun to have. In the past, some drivers have taken their team to Sonic for drinks or even to lunch. This is up to you and not a requirement.

If I have been a driver before, do I still need to go to the training?

Yes, all hosts and drivers need to attend one of the trainings. Things change from year to year and it is important for us all to get together to make Camp75 the best it can be!

Do I have to stay with the students at each camp?

Yes, you will drive the student team to each camp and remain at the camp(s) with them. While at the camp, you can assist the host with anything he/she needs and be there for the team.

When will I get my driver assignments?

Your driving assignment will be emailed to you a few days before Camp 75 starts.

I would like to drive, but I have younger kids who can't stay home alone. Can I bring them with me?

It is preferred that you do not bring younger kids with you when you drive a team. However, we do not want this to prevent you from being able to drive. Please let us know if this is something preventing you from being able to drive as we can help with childcare.

Can I take the team I am driving to lunch or to do something fun during the break?

Of course. We just ask that you are sure that all parents know where their kids are going to be.

Have any more questions

Email us at! We'd love to answer any questions you may have.