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College Crew

Come with us the week of Bootcamp to help students pursue a faith of their own

What is the College Crew?

A group of college-aged students that bridge the gap at Bootcamp and Camp 75 between students and small group leaders. From leading small groups to engaging in free time and just being with students when they need it, the college crew is essential to helping a 500+ student Bootcamp go off without a hitch.

What does College Crew

Hear just one of the hundreds of stories of life change that has taken place as a result of Bootcamp and Camp 75

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Free! It does cost $245 per person at Carolina Creek, so you're more than welcome to make a donation towards that, but we understand college is tough, so that's not an expectation.

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June 13th - June 16th


Carolina Creek Christian Camp

84 Wimberly Lane,
Huntsville, Texas 77320

We'll also have an orientation before we go!

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  • Leading small groups

  • Making sure there's some sleeping

  • Free time coordinating

  • Helping with check-in and check out

  • Lots of other fun, miscellaneous things!

"What makes someone a great college crew candidate?"
  • Someone who's just fun to be around

  • Someone who asks "How can I help" a lot

  • Someone who can operate on minimal sleep

  • Someone who's willing to get out of their comfort zone

  • Someone who's accepting and open-minded

  • Someone who's pursuing a relationship with Christ

Sound like you?

 Already going? Here's a pre-Bootcamp Checklist to get you ready.
Attend Training

Adult leader training is mandatory and will include helpful camp management information, state mandated sexual assault training, and tons of FUN.


Monday, June 7 @ 6:30pm -7:30pm (Northpoint and Zoom)

Wednesday, June 9 @ 6:30pm-7:30pm (Zoom)

Get Pumped for Theme Nights

We have theme nights every night at Bootcamp! Click below to see our themes for 2021. We go all out for theme nights, but going all out doesn't mean spending a lot of money. It means having fun, being creative, and having a blast with your team and small group.

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Know the Details
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Tuesday, June 18th

Leader: 9:30am

Student: 11am


HEB Center

(2100 Ave of the Stars, Cedar Park, TX 78613)


Bootcamp takes place at Riverbend Retreat Center in Glen Rose, Texas. 


1232 Co Rd 411B, Glen Rose, TX 76043

Charter Bus transportation is provided and included in registration cost.

Pick Up


Approx. 12:45pm on Saturday, June 22nd



Vista Ridge High School

200 S Vista Ridge Blvd, Cedar Park, TX 78613

You're good to go! Here's a few more questions we typically get.
  • Will I get to be with my friend's team who invited me?
    Maybe! Where you get placed depends on when & where we have seat belts available. We’ll get you placed once you show up.
  • When do I find out my team, and captain?"
    No. Camp 75 is a local camp which means that you sleep at your own home! You will come to Northpoint each morning, leave at 11:30, and come back at 5. Then you will eat dinner, and get ready for your two evening camps!
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