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Community Groups

How your Community Group can engage with Camp 75

How can my Community Group get involved?

Every summer, our amazing groups come forward and ask how they can partner with, get involved with, and serve Camp 75. The first way you can do that is by partnering with our students. This is meant to be a guide to empower your group be involved with Camp 75, starting with partnering with a student.

Sponsor as a Group
Sponsor Individually

Have someone collect up front and give as a group to sponsor a student's registration.

Have member's give individually towards student's camp registration. This link will be roughly 10% of a student's registration, but you can give any amount.


33 is a really important number. Find out why:

You've got questions.
We've got answers.
  • Will I get to be with my friend's team who invited me?
    Maybe! Where you get placed depends on when & where we have seat belts available. We’ll get you placed once you show up.
  • When do I find out my team, and captain?"
    No. Camp 75 is a local camp which means that you sleep at your own home! You will come to Northpoint each morning, leave at 11:30, and come back at 5. Then you will eat dinner, and get ready for your two evening camps!
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